Here's What You Missed at the 2023 Summit:

As it becomes harder to define and classify a medical device, complying with evolving global regulations to ensure that devices are useable, innovative, and safe has never been more challenging...

The Medical Device Software Development Summit is the world’s definitive forum for medical device quality, regulatory, and software development leaders to ensure they move one step ahead of emerging technical and regulatory trends.

We aim to help you navigate this highly regulated, not to mention competitive, market by giving you the tools you need to ensure you are able to design and implement software that aligns with the latest global regulations and keeps pace with innovation.

Join 100+ leading device manufacturers, big pharma device teams and innovative startups as they utilize this rare and much needed opportunity to collaborate on solutions to their most pressing challenges including:

  • Successfully navigating global regulatory guidelines in 2023 to overcome the challenge of a fast-paced software world in a slow-paced regulatory world 
  • Continuing to push the boundaries of innovation with SaMD and AI/ML enabled medical devices 
  • Rethinking agile software development methodologies to be fit for purpose in 2023 and employing risk analysis into the software development lifecycle to streamline a path to a secure and compliant device 
  • Efficiently onboarding new software engineers with little experience in such a highly regulated landscape to ensure they are working effectively faster 
  • Embedding cybersecurity across all layers of the medical devices development cycle to avoid breaches 

Uncover a Sample of 2023's Expert Speaker Faculty:

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