Designing Compliant, Innovative, & Secure Medical Device Software

A software revolution is happening in the medical device industry as rapidly improving technology has made software-enabled devices progressively prevalent. But as it becomes harder to define and classify a medical device, complying with evolving global regulations while keeping software innovative has never been more challenging.

The Medical Device Software Development Summit is the world’s definitive forum for medical device quality, regulatory, and software development leaders to ensure they move one step ahead of emerging technical and regulatory trends.

The growing conflict between the fast-paced technology and the slow-paced regulatory world can be best overcome through collaboration – by regulatory, quality, and software development teams working together. That’s why the 2022 Medical Device Software Development Summit unites these teams for a much-needed chance to share ideas, and work together to design compliant, innovative, & secure medical device software.

Join over 100 of your peers and competitors to hear exclusive case studies on:

  • How to design safe & effective devices that leverage cloud computing, patient-owned smartphones, and other modern computing technologies
  • Embedding cybersecurity into your connected devices
  • Securing FDA Approval for AI SaMD
  • IEC 82304 Implementation for SaMD
  • Filling the gaps of knowledge for new software developers in the industry
  • Implementing risk analysis into the software development lifecycle
  • Examining closed-loop control systems
  • Perfecting documentation effectiveness – how much is enough?

Group Bookings Available

The most effective way to develop innovative and competitive software in a challenging regulatory environment is for technical and regulatory teams within a company to work together throughout the development lifecycle.

And that’s why this conference covers both tech topics as well as regulatory topics to fully capitalize on the cross-functional learning opportunities, bring your colleges along and take advantage of our group booking rates.

Our 2022 Expert Speaker Faculty Included:

Arnab Ray

Director of Product Cybersecurity


Jeff Hersh

Chief Medical Officer

GE Healthcare

Wendy Ji

Principal Verification Software Engineer


Brendan O’Leary

Acting Director, CDRH Digital Health Center of Excellence

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Pat Baird

Senior Regulatory Specialist – Head of Global Software Standards