Workshop A – Embedding Cybersecurity into the Software Development Process

Time: 8:30 am - 10:10 am


This workshop will utilize a case study from Paylocity’s multi-year journey with DevSecOps to illustrate your engineers can embed cybersecurity into the flow of software development, creating safer software and speeding time to software implementation.

The verdict is in. The best way to create secure software is NOT to hire a bunch of cybersecurity experts to double-check software after it is written. That approach leads to less secure software that costs more to develop, and saps everyone of their enthusiasm for their craft. The best way to create secure software IS to empower your engineers to take ownership for creating secure software from the first line of code they write through the last one. By embedding the knowledge of secure software development best practices directly into the software tooling and workflow, secure software is a direct outcome of the creation of any software.

Uncover how to streamline medical device software development, reduce the manpower required for cybersecurity checks and prevent your cybersecurity function from being siloed. Also learn how to grow the skills of your software engineering team and raise team morale by empowering them to build ever-safer and ever-better software.

Summary of Content Covered:

  • An overview of the DevSecOps approach.
  • An interactive retelling of a multi-year journey into the successful implementation of DevSecOps in a large SaaS organization that is responsible for payroll, HR and benefits processing for countless other organizations.