Panel Discussion: Reconsidering How to Incorporate Useability into Software Development & Managing Customer & Stakeholder Expectations

Time: 5:10 pm
day: Conference Day Two


Hear from the perspective of end users, regulatory and technical experts as well as stakeholders as you unlock the key to effective collaboration.

Questions will include:

  • How can we better align customer needs and future innovation trends as developers and engineers do to continue to push the boundaries of innovation i.e. with AI-enabled medical devices?
  • How can we incorporate useability / human factors into software development and recontextualize the device use for engineers?
  • How can we better work with stakeholders and hospitals to understand each party’s expectations and responsibilities?
  • Discussing medical device deployment environments in hospitals and how that can impact technical development.
  • How is telehealth changing the medical device software development world?
  • What can we do to better address cybersecurity trends and concerns with clients and stakeholders?