Panel Discussion: Navigating the Medical Device Industry: Rethinking Careers Pathways & Attracting Next Gen Scientific Talent to Drive Organizational Growth

Time: 4:50 pm
day: Conference Day One


A combined discussion-led and Q&A session hosted by the Chair to help you map out your career and better understand talent

acquisition processes with the medical device industry.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Tell us about your journey through the medical device industry in 60 seconds.
  • As the medical device industry continues to rapidly grow and become increasingly competitive, how can we ensure we are hiring the right technical and regulatory talent to drive organizational growth and ensure future scientific innovation?
  • If attracting the talent is the easy part, how do you train up engineers at speed in order to get them effective in the shortest amount of time possible?
  • What is your approach and how do you educate your software engineers? How do we effectively communicate to them the importance of items less valued in non-regulated backgrounds, such as documentation? How do we educate on these basics?
  • What is the role of Universities in producing graduates that are ready to enter this industry?